Shade Sail Maintenance

Caring for your shade sail properly is important, so that you can maximize its potential to provide adequate protection and shelter. Every so often, you should check to see if it is still installed properly and hasn’t been loosened or damaged by strong winds or other external forces. The canopy should always be pulled taut and firm to prevent the wind from flapping it around.

Over time, you will find that your shade sail becomes dirty and you will need to clean it. However, it is important that you don’t use harsh chemicals or agricultural chemicals to clean it, as substances containing bleach, sulfur or halogens can destroy the shade sail’s UV stabilizers. This will make your shade sail wear out faster and will probably negate its warranty. In addition, avoid using products that contain pesticide components, metal alts and metal oxides, as these may react with the fabric, reducing its quality.

Instead, use a mild dish washing liquid, a soft scrubbing brush and a low-pressure water hose to gently clean your shade sail. Using a high-pressure hose can damage the shade sail.

Your shade sail should be cleaned thoroughly about once a year. Most of the time, rainwater will keep it clean enough, but a good annual cleaning will be needed to clear the accumulation of dirt and dried leaves that will no doubt have built up. Also, in winter the cold and moisture may have caused mildew and mold, which you will want to clean up with a low-pressure water blaster.


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