Shade Sail Design

Shade sails are available in all different colours, shapes, sizes and patterns, so when you are choosing the right design for you, there are a lot of different things to consider.


First of all, consider the size of the area you intend to cover. While shade sails are available in all different dimensions, they can also be custom-designed to perfectly match the area you need to cover.

Sizes range from very small, usually three metres squared to much larger, often eight metres squared. For a spacious yard, a shade sail measuring five by eight meters is usually sufficient.


There are different shapes available as well. For domestic areas, a triangular or rectangle shade sail is usually the best option. Triangular shades are often used to accent a garden area and are usually considered more attractive. For a larger area however a rectangular shade might be more useful.


The most popular installation style is to anchor the corners of the shade sail at different heights, that is, fix one corner significantly higher than the other, which gives the shade a more attractive look and a more beneficial angle for protection from sun, wind and rain.

Another common style is overlapping a series of shade sails, creating a dramatic sculptured look.


Colours are important not only for aesthetic purposes but also for controlling the penetration of light and heat through the shade sails. For example, darker coloured shades will absorb the dominant temperature of the surroundings while lighter coloured materials will reject it. In other words, if it is very hot, a black shade will produce an even hotter environment and a white shade will produce a cooler one.


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