Flinders – starting from $2600 including GST fully installed

The Flinders is ideal for protecting a small patio, deck or entertainment area adjacent to your home. The single 4-point sail is attached to the frame of your roof and extends to two galvanised posts.

Hamilton – starting from$3300 inc GST fully installed

The Hamilton is designed for homes with a small patio, deck or children’s play area that is set away from the house. With four posts, it is also suitable for homes that do not have a typical A-frame roof structure to which a sail can be anchored.

Lorne – starting from $5000 inc GST fully installed

The Lorne is ideal for homes with a large outdoor entertainment area located adjacent to the house. The two 4-point sails are attached to the frame of your roof and extend to three galvanised posts.

Noosa – starting from $5800 inc GST fully installed

The Noosa is ideal for homes with a large patio, deck or children’s play area that is set away from the house. With six free-standing posts it is also suitable for homes which do not have a typical A-frame roof structure, to which sails can be anchored.

Custom made shade sail only including fittings and installation starting from $990 fully installed.